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Captain Nathan Hunt

Name Nathan Hunt

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Personality & Traits

Personal History Born on the outer Federation colony of Tegea, Nathan grew up as 5th of 6 children in his mother's farmhouse. Nathan has very few memories of his father, who died shortly after the birth of his younger sister. Raised by his mother and - as he described it - forty farmhands, he and his siblings were constantly getting into mischief. In truth, the farm only ever had two non-family staff members, though they changed frequently. Whilst Tegea was on the outskirts of the Federation, that did not mean it was lacking in technology, and much of the farm work itself was automated.

The majority of the Hunt children were boys; Callie, the youngest, was the only girl, and all of her brothers were fiercely protective of her. She was bullied a single time at school; after Nathan, Vargas and Thomas found out, the offending bully was discovered pinned by his shirt sleeves to the school fence, feet dangling, and professing that he would never do anything bad to Callie ever again. The other school bullies took the message to heart, and even after all her brothers graduated, they knew that some had stayed local and would hear of any problems.

After they finished school, most of Nathan's brothers left home to pursue careers off-planet, with two of them joining Starfleet. Nathan stayed more local. Being so far out from the Federation core, Tegea and its surrounding region the Arcadia sector, didn't warrant much, if any Starfleet presence except for when something big happened. That left law enforcement to the locals, and a semi-official system of law keepers had developed. Each planet in the small sector had one or two (depending on how populous the planet was) law keepers, who were empowered to enforce the law, apprehend criminals, and defend the local populace. They were also empowered to appoint deputies to help them. Due to the large area each covered, law keepers largely worked with their own deputies rather than other law keepers, unless a particular criminal crossed from one planet to another within the system.

Nathan hadn't planned to become a law keeper; he just wanted to explore the sector a little and figure out what he wanted to do with his life. While visiting Mantinea, the law keeper there - Wex, who had no deputies remaining - was killed in a phaser fight with a Ferengi who had been trying to rob the world's meagre cache of latinum. Nathan came to the law keeper's aid during the firefight and was able to hit the Ferengi with a phaser blast to the chest shortly after Wex was himself hit. Wex's dying act was to deputise Nathan, which left him the de factor law keeper when Wex passed away only minutes later.

Nathan shouldered this unexpected responsibility well. He had to learn how to do things on the job, but his brother Thomas had joined Starfleet Security, and their regular communiques in the early years of Nathan's new career often included advice being exchanged between brothers. Nathan gradually built up his force of deputies with a number of odd characters, and earned a reputation for being thorough when on the hunt for a criminal and an excellent shot with a phaser.