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Lieutenant Commander Ty'licia zh'Kirisor

Name Ty'licia zh'Kirisor

Position First Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 157cm
Weight 80kgs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ty'licia has a petite build and is slim for her height. She wears her hair down but quite short and within regulations.

Has an odd ability to wear more lesser known items of clothing from the Starfleet Standards of Dress. On duty is more comfortable wearing the ankle high field boots with her pants bloused into them, or the newer Skirt/Dress uniform options. Given her flight training and background can be found in the Flight Jumpsuit when doing anything resembling flight operations.

Off duty, is either in fitness attire or loose flowing clothing that contrast her pale blue skin, usually with a matching pair of heels. In many of her holodeck programs, she immerses herself in the program, wearing a variety of uniforms or clothing matching particular eras.


Father chan: Shrav ch'Kirisor / thaan: Rysch th'Kirisor
Mother zhen: Rys'a zh'Kirisor / shen: Tili sh'Kirisor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ty'licia is always friendly, making an effort to know people, finding out how they tick and what excites them about the things they love. Loves a good joke and has been known to perform some terrible puns, which she can never figure out if people like her more or less for them, but that hasn't stopped her.

Is an efficient officer, and can sometimes be ruthless when getting a job done, as the job comes first, however can be found bobbing back and forth when concentrating hard on a task, antennae twitching on their own.

Is almost scary as a pilot, knowing her own abilities in the cockpit, and constantly pushing to increase those abilities. Is most at home in an F-14 Tomcat Fighter from a bygone era.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Could fly anything given a 5 minute lesson.
- Thinks strategically and logically, taking in all aspects.
- Friendly and Charming.
- Enjoys listening to people.
- Creative in her personal entertainment, has designed and sold a couple Holosuite programs.
- Lots of energy, Passionate.
- Starfleet comes first.

- Overall Engineering knowledge is lacking, finds it a chore to research.
- Stresses out about all the possibilities that more than likely wont occur, overthinks.
- Can be overly familiar with people she doesn't know.
- Bit of a hoarder/collector.
- Cant be stationary for long periods.
- Starfleet comes first.
Ambitions Her ambitions have changed as she has grown and changed as a person, It used to be being the best Pilot she could be, then the best Officer. Having the taste for Command early on has peaked her interest, and part of any rank is having experience, so she is ambitious to experience new things, learn new talents.

She has the Itch to have 4-pips on her collar, earn her own command in whatever form that would be, unless it is a Starbase. She would be uncomfortable staying in one place for too long.

Would prefer an Akira or Luna class, but understands that she would have to work exceptionally hard and outshine others for the same limited commands.
Hobbies & Interests Flying anything on the Holodeck or anything she can get her hands on. She has created a holodeck program with all of her most favorite craft, and some she feels challenged by, and runs various scenarios. They range from Current to Historical craft.

Loves to do Yoga and Pilates in her spare time, finds it relaxing and fulfilling. And when she wants to blow off steam or energy, practice Hand to hand martial arts, with and without bladed weapons. When she hasn't worked out for a while she feels restless.

Collects various uniforms, whether current, obsolete or historical reproductions. Ranging from flight suits and helmets (which she has to modify to fit her Antennae), to older Starfleet uniforms she finds interesting. Always updating them to match her own personal Rank and accouterments, depending on the insignia and styles of the time. Even has an old Klingon Imperial Navy armor set, with matching Mek'leth and D'k tahg.

Listens to Nordic folk music as she finds it primal and strengthening, as well as beautiful. She sings along but does not think of herself as a good singer. Finds herself feeling very relaxed when listening to this music.

Personal History Born on Andoria in 2359, Ty'licia was the lucky offspring of a bond group who had three unsuccessful attempts at producing a child. Her early life was full of love with her parents all providing a loving environment for her to flourish. With a declining birth rate on Andoria all new children were cherished above anything else, and all efforts were made to encourage Andorians to stay on the homeworld and continue to propagate the species. As such a life plan was set up for Ty'licia by her parents.

Growing up she began to think for herself and due to the almost claustrophobic feeling of having her life planned out caused her to try and seek her own path. Always finding herself looking up at the stars Ty'licia figured the only way off Andoria was to fly herself off, starting her interest in flying. It bore a curiosity about the universe around her and she created a list of places she wanted to travel to and things she wanted to experience.

Confiding in her Thaan (Father), Rysch, about her feelings about her future, he could see his daughter's frustration and decided that he would help her, taking her on a trip to the Starbase orbiting Andoria. Entering the main shuttlebay of the base her face lit up, asking the nearest Pilot, a young human Ensign, about all the different shuttlecraft types and their capabilities. Patiently he answered all her questions before having to return to duty. The Starbase was an amazing new place for Ty'licia to explore and whenever possible would return with her Thaan.

At the age of 13 decided with all the trips to the Starbase she would enter Starfleet as a Pilot, her interest had taken over most of her life, attending air shows and talking up holo-photography to capture her favourite craft. As much as there were performance aircraft of many types, racers, aerobatics and purpose build vessels, but strangely the ones who attracted her the most were those utility craft used by Starfleet and other organisations. Their designs were much more interesting to her.

Access to public holodecks allowed for her to train in and explore craft of various types, but there was never the feeling of risk or thrill of actually being in the air or space. She tracked down the young Ensign who was still assigned to the Starbase about getting into Starfleet Flight Operations, the man, now a Lieutenant was more than happy to help and allowed her to familiarise herself with a couple of the Shuttles in the Hangar. Afterwards Lieutenant Roman took Ty'licia to a holodeck and introduced her to one of his favourite flight programs, a historical flight in an F-14 Tomcat from the 1980's. This opened up another world for Th'Lycia to explore.

2373 saw a shift in the ability for Ty'licia to visit the Starbase and meet with her Academy sponsor. Operational Security locked down the Starbase to non-essential personnel, and Andoria was used as a resupply staging platform for the Dominion War. Restricting her ability to even get behind the controls of a simulated craft frustrated Ty'licia and she found another hobby by accident. Taking up Martial arts as a way to control her temper, the disciplined practice of the Ushaan-Tor bladed weapon was a great outlet for her dissatisfaction at her life at the time.

The war affected Andoria with reports of losses spreading affecting almost every family and the possibility that like Betazoid, Andoria could be invaded by a foreign power. Being as young as she was excluded her from joining the Andorian Defence Force or militia on the planet, but was accepted by the Planetary Auxiliary. The group who assisted in preparing infrastructure to assist in the war effort.

Thankfully it never came to invasion and the war ended without Andoria being directly attacked. Having conflicting feelings about not seeing any action further frustrated the now 16 year old. She wanted nothing more than to prove herself and feel useful.

With Starfleet personnel numbers dwindling after casualties sustained, the Starfleet Academy entrance exams were a less formal and involved affair than in previous years. They needed more bodies back out in space for the recovery effort. New ships needed crews and with the help of her sponsor, a place for her at Starfleet Academy was secured.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2377-2380
Cadet 1st Year >> Cadet 1st Year

Deciding upon a major in Theoretical Physics and a minor in Exhoarchaeology, Ty'licia felt that this course load would allow for her to travel to as many worlds as possible. Along with her course load, her training in Flight took precedence. Vying for Red Squad qualification was one of the main things that stressed Ty'licia out, and found her rigorous training schedule quite demanding.

Having been called aside as her grades began to slip and her attendance was sub-par, she was advised that if she continued the way she was going that she would burn out. This was a turning point for Ty'licia, she had a choice to make, burn out or let something go. Having to find a way off Andoria in the first place was the reason she chose to put flight on such a pedestal, she came to the realisation as she stood looking at the Golden Gate Bridge at 4 am in the morning. Ty'licia hadnt given up on being the best but turned her attention to being a better officer rather than an elite pilot.

Attending a wilderness survival course in Norway gave her a taste of home and slight respite from constant studies. Having a much easier time with the cold than others she helped out a fellow cadet, Cadet Abel Hamish. Abel had grown up on a world near the Cardassian border that was substantially warmer than Earth. In a survival situation any ability to adapt to an environment was key and Ty'licia helped by providing body warmth during the night. During the time in Norway, she fell in love with the country and decided to get some Nordic runes tattoo'd on her shoulder.

The next cycle of the course was in the outback of Australia where the shoe was on the other foot, Abel kept Ty'licia's fluids up and used thermal blankets to keep her temperature down. Making it through the course was pivotal for both of them and basically had them look out for each other once they got back to the Academy.

Having passed her flight training with distinction Ty'licia earned the ability to choose her first assignment. Abel didn't have such an option, and ended up on a less than optimal assignment, the USS Hastings an old Excelsior class ship sent on patrol duties. She joined him.

USS Hastings 2380-2382 - Flight Control Officer
Ensign >> Lieutenant JG

This assignment is where Ty'licia grew into her skin, relaxing more and becoming a happier person. Finally having the feeling that she had made it in life. She had a commission, and a role as a Flight Officer onboard a starship. Rotating shifts between being on the Helm and a pilot in the shuttle bay, she quickly became one of the more reliable officers and found herself being rostered on during any away mission needing a shuttle pilot. Although being an older starship the Hastings was on the verge of falling apart but that only made the crew love it more.

Abel and Ty'licia realised that they had feelings for each other that came about due to them spending so much time together. They relied on each other as a confidant and came to the realisation that they were practically in a relationship already. After a late night celebration the two ended up spending the night together. It was a conflicting time for the both of them, pouring themselves into their work, Ty'licia found herself getting qualified for other craft types off the Hastings.

After a 3 day scouting mission Ty'licia and the crew of the Runabout returned to the Hastings to find it adrift with heavy scoring along the outerhull, exposing some decks to atmosphere. With no minimal power to the stricken vessel, the crew of the Runabout, consisting of the ship's Second Officer, Ty'licia as pilot and 2 Science Officers had to manually open the doors to the shuttle bay and safely land. With no idea what had happened, the group tooled up, and started a slow journey to find out what happened. Moving through the ship, it becomes apparent that parts of decks had phased inside each other, crewmen are mangled having phased into deck plating. It is detected that the ship had passed through a section of space with an unstable Dark Matter content.

Securing the ship as best they could, they began to clear through to recover survivors, they found 27 out of 750. Deciding to abandon the ship after 3 days of attempting to get any systems stable enough to head for a local Starbase, Ty'licia had not given up on finding Abel. Coming very close to insubordination as she requested to stay behind and clear more sections of the ship for survivors. Being told no, she became distraught, as the realization that she would not find Abel and had to face the idea that he was dead.

Taking a mandated sabbatical on Andor, Ty'licia could not sit idly by and serve what she deemed to be a punishment. Pushing to be cleared for duty, and continuing her training helped her get over her loss. She still found herself stumbling over what she and Abel were, not sure herself. One thing she felt she had to do was to meet Abel's parents. Pressing the chime to their door, she almost left, before an older woman opened the door who recognised Ty'licia immediately, both women instantly bursting into tears and hugging. She spent the last 2 weeks of her sabbatical, living with his parents as they all went through grieving together. She still keeps in regular contact, and they treat her like she was their daughter.

USS Spector 2383-2386 - Chief Support Craft Pilot
Lieutenant JG >> Lieutenant

Assigned to the Akira Class starship as their Chief Support Craft Pilot, gave her the first taste of proper command. Having one of the larger complements of Auxiliary craft available to a Starship, she found the job challenging but rose to meet it. Encountering issue with the Commander of the Fighter Detachment aboard about his particular way of running his squadron, sloppy procedure, inattentive to his pilots use of the Shuttlebay, she reprimanded him in front of a few of his Pilots. Being a senior rank to zh'Kirisor, he didn't take to kindly to that and made a snide remark about the Hastings having been piloted to its doom by an inexperienced officer. Ty'licia broke his nose.

Going before the Captain, the two had a chance to explain their positions, before the CO gave a ruling for the two officers to switch roles for a month, to see if Ty'licia's claims were true. Seeing a challenge and a chance to shine, Ty'licia increased the efficiency of the Squadron's performance and increased interoperability between the two departments. She had pulled double shifts quite often to achieve this result, but a result was still a result. The Captain promoted her to Shuttlebay Manager in charge of both divisions.

Upon her new assignment, there was still friction, she was asked to come to the Flight deck for a routine inspection of one of the Runabouts. Finding a group of Fighter pilots and Flight control staff huddled around, her rival in the Fighter detachment looking smug. Stepping back they revealed a pin-up style image of Ty'licia with nothing on but a smile and a combadge. Standing with her hands on her hips for a moment, before smiling, stating it was a damned perfect illustration, before stripping off her Duty jacket and undershirt, down to her bra, to show the fact that she had several tattoos over her shoulders and down her side, and asked if they could 'Get it right or don't do it at all.'

The following morning returning to the vessel she found the image gone, as well as the Figher pilot roster changed to reflect a new detachment CO. It has transpired that several of the Pilots had taken issue and raised the complaint with the XO. Ty'licia didn't want to let the image get to her and had shrugged it off already.

Ty'licia continued to gain experience from various missions the Spector conducted, mainly finding command positions more enjoyable and rewarding. Opting to push herself further, asked for Bridge duty, and to take command of late night Bridge shifts. With many positions filled and no real ability to progress her career, she chose to transfer off the Spector.

USS Indefatigable 2386-2389 - Chief Flight Control Officer, Second Officer
Lieutenant >> Lieutenant Commander

Assigned as Chief Flight control officer, Ty'licia studied hard to complete the bridge officer's course, finding it difficult, finding the Engineering Course difficult from a technical perspective. The Excelsior class vessel felt like home after the Hastings but was also bittersweet. Taking as many bridge shifts as were available to her, zh'Kirisor handled several incidents admirably.

In one particular occasion, on a border patrol they came in contact with an unidentified vessel which was acting erratically. After shadowing the vessel for 3 days, Ty'licia was the officer on duty at the moment the vessel struck. Even at yellow alert with shields up the Indefatigable took heavy damage, severely wounding the CO and XO whilst they were off duty in their quarters. Returning fire to no effect, they broke contact and were pursued, at high warp, until the Starfleet vessel had to drop to impulse or risk a warp core breach.

Instead of turning to attack, as it would be fruitless, Ty'licia devised a plan. Conducting small warp jumps within a system, before each warp allowing an unpowered shuttlecraft to drift out of the bay. Each shuttle fitted with a Transponder with the same signature as the Indefatigable. After hiding the ship in the Magnetic pole of a moon within the system, she set the Transponders to trigger randomly to confuse the vessel, thinking the Indefatigable was in many places, or suddenly becoming substantially more maneuverable. Either way the ruse worked, having the unidentified vessel return on a heading similar to where it came from.

Commended for her original thinking and ultimately saving the ship she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the role of Second Officer.

A Year later, upon the decommissioning of the Indefatigable she had to transfer to another command. It was unfortunate that she had to say goodbye to another dearly loved vessel.

USS Stalwart 2389-2393 - Strategic Operations Officer, Second Officer
Lieutenant >> Lieutenant Commander

A Sabre Class vessel, Ty'licia had to adjust to a smaller crew and a smaller overall ship with a different mission. Escorts, short range patrols, courier missions, interdiction. This tempo was a faster pace, and every day was different from the last. Ty'licia found herself undertaking the role of Strategic Operations Officer, but juggling many roles and gaining substantial experience in fields she had not previously worked in.

In a sector of space that had not been explored for some time, the Stalwart found a planet occluded by a section of subspace, with 38 humans who had no right to be there. Leading the away team, Ty'licia was the first off the shuttle, and found herself staring straight into the eyes of Abel Hamish. Having crashed from heir escape pods from the Hastings over 10 years ago, they had lived off the land ever since. The group had given up hope of being rescued and had settled in to start families and plant crops.

Ty'licia was overjoyed to see Abel once again, glad that he was alive and that they had a chance to rekindle their relationship. Abel had to admit that he was married and had a 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son. Recovering the survivors, they were returned back to Earth for debrief and reintegration. This caused Ty'licia to feel awkward around Abel, someone she thought she knew. Abel was surprised that she could tell him all about what his family had been doing for the time he had been presumed dead, clearly shocked that she had remained in contact with his family.

Parting ways as amicably as possible Abel and Ty'licia said their goodbyes as Abel was taken back to his home planet, to rejoin his family. Ty'licia found herself on a Runabout headed for a new ship, as it's new Executive Officer.

USS Mercury 2393-Current - Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander