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Lieutenant Kori Zad

Name Kori Zad

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Catullan
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 176 lbs
Hair Color Bright Purple
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Almost tall and with an athletic build, the first thing one probably notices about Kori Zad is the purple hair. Some might find it hard to take him seriously, especially with the dashing (or so he thinks) short purple goatee he keeps as well. Even mauve eyelashes frame his clear blue eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Herith Zad
Mother Yuleka Vol
Brother(s) Postip Zad
Sister(s) Marithan Vol

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kori Zad tries really hard not to be what people expect of him, if they are familiar with his people. They have earned their reputation as...well, space hippies. For the most part Kori succeeds too, and displays a logical mind and grasp of both science and engineering that most definitely isn’t associated with a Federation world known for being about a century behind in technology at least. No one can escape genes though. Or family, for that matter.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Maintenance, fabrication, repair of Starfleet ship systems
+Administration, delegation, loyalty to his department
+Astrophysics, computer science, geology, warp theory
+Won’t admit to being able to sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments

-Tries way too hard to be some idea called normal
-Way better at talking shop than getting in deep
-Lapses into unfortunate habits when distracted
-Does have a bit of an ego about his job
Ambitions This just might be the dream job of many a Starfleet engineer. Kori is quite comfortable with where he’s reached now and is far more focused on settling in and on the mission than he is on pursuing career advancement. In the meantime he hopes to find the time for a life off duty, make some friends, probably fail at more dates spectacularly, and otherwise have a good time.
Hobbies & Interests His job keeps him pretty fit so Kori likes to go for more leisurely activities during his time off. From holodecks to ship activities, Kori tends to be in the audience rather than center stage, but isn’t too hard to convince to give something a go at least once. He does like a game of Velocity on occasion, or a good hike on a real planet too, but a night out at the lounge with friends is just as nice.

Personal History Life on board his parent’s Volkswagen shuttle, the SS Indigo Nebula, along with a brother a sister in a cramped space, was not exactly the one Kori Zad would have chosen for himself it had been up to him. Oldest son to a pair of traveling performers, so-called peace ambassadors from the distant Federation world of Catulla, he was born with music in his heart. Or so they told him over and over. That is was their duty to spread that joy to the other worlds, their friends. When his brother and sister came along, they too joined the family act.

Kori learned to sing, dance, play just about every instrument their little ship’s replicator had stored in memory. Someone had to take care of keeping things running too, as his parents certainly weren’t up to the task and the pay was pretty bad more often than not. By the time he was ten the kid had performed on half a dozen worlds, knew how to put a two-hundred year old warp core back together, pilot the ship into a stable orbit, and add extra sweetener to the replicator recipes. He also knew which he’d rather be doing between music and tinkering with machines.

When the family tour finally reached the core systems of the Federation, Kori was a teenager and had come up with a plan. On each stop along the way Kori snuck off to download technical manuals and scientific journals, opened his mind to a universe that ran on mathematics and physics rather than love and a good beat. As they got closer to the ultimate goal, Rigel and Deneva, then Andor and Vulcan, he crammed as much as jammed.

To just about everyone’s surprise, the spunky, bright-haired kid that turned up one afternoon for Starfleet entrance exams on Earth, fresh from a folk music festival in San Francisco earlier that day actually passed. His family was shocked, horrified, couldn’t understand, and their parting was rough on everyone, especially the SS Indigo Nebula which finally powered down some years later (the Vol Zad clan performs at small festivals and starbase promenades for tips across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to this day).
Service Record Starfleet Academy

The Federation was at war, and that definitely had something to do with allowing Kori into the Academy, but his aptitude scores hadn’t just been surprising from instructors that had privately snickered at the idea of a Catullan in Starfleet. He’d been top of the test all week. It was going to take a lot of work to mold him into an actual officer, but when one Admiral decided to sponsor him on a dare Kori was on his way and Starfleet Academy has always been good at its job.

There was so much to catch up on despite all the information he’d studied ahead of time, despite a natural talent he had for finding new and interesting ways for putting things back together. Turning a free-spirited and sometimes frivolous teen into a model young officer didn’t take as much effort as some of the instructors thought; Kori took to their training eagerly, strove to prove that he could be just as capable and serious as any of the other cadets. Often he tried too hard, pushed himself to the point of exhaustion and then kept on going, but that was what they were looking for anyways.

By the time Kori graduated the Dominion War was over, but the need for new officers was greater than ever as Starfleet began the long process of rebuilding. He’d earned honours in engineering, shown a keen grasp of the sciences, led cadet teams of mechanics on board training ships and simulations, and probably made a lot of instructors grumble as they lost bets. A senior prank that saw Red Squadron’s entire wing of fighters, including backups, all painted a brilliant purple couldn’t be attributed to Kori - the hangar security systems apparently had been down for full diagnostics that night - but they made him clean it anyway before they gave him his ensign’s pip.

USS Revolution
Matter/Energy Systems Specialist

The Nebula Class Revolution was quite the first post for a fresh young ensign, but the mission was important too. Assigned to recovery efforts in the Alpha Quadrant, to worlds still feeling the scars of a war not far gone, it was a sobering experience every bit as much a seasoning one. He started to learn from shocked survivors, the lucky ones that talked about their shipmates that weren’t there anymore. It was also tragically brief.

When their flotilla of supply ships and medical vessels arrived in the Kalandra Sector a Tzenkethi ambush crossed the border and attacked. The Revolution managed to hold off what would later be claimed as pirate vessels by the Tzenkethi ambassador, defend the convoy long enough that the other vessels escaped, but in the end the core was breached. The crew abandoned ship.

USS Rampart
Maintenance Officer, Engineering Officer

After a brief recovery for injuries sustained during the battle, Kori was assigned to the Rampart, an Akira Class. Serving on board a warship was a big change. There were dozens of fighters to maintain, numerous weapons banks packed into a tight space that constantly needed fine tuning, torpedoes that needed modifying. This side of Starfleet shocked him, but after the loss of the Revolution it felt good that their mission was to patrol the most vulnerable borders.

They helped where they could of course, aiding the Trill in a number of delicate negotiations with the Kitarians that almost but never came to trading phaser beams, ran escorts for refugees to a new colony world Kori spent a few months on special assignment with to help them get on their feet, and throughout it all he dutifully followed the guidance of his superiors. Whether they stuck him on scrubbing plasma injectors or let him lead an away team, he showed an ambition and drive to learn every system, pass every test no matter how many times it took, and to climb the ranks.

USS Gandhi
Engineering Officer, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

With the sudden destruction of Romulus and the upheaval it caused in the Star Empire, Starfleet offered a cautious hand to an old adversary. Numerous ships were deployed to aid in recovery and humanitarian crises happening across the region as things became unraveled. Due to his experience with the refugees and colonies Kori was transferred to the Ambassador Class Gandhi, one of the last remaining of her kind still in service. The proud old cruiser served as a spearhead of efforts to get help where it was needed, to wave a still-impressive flag with her upgraded systems and dedicated crew when others wanted to take advantage, and uncover the strange mysteries that space offered up on regular occasions.

Though the ship was old and sort of out of touch as it sped from mission to mission, a complete refit of the systems that had been started more out of desperation than hope during the Dominion War made Kori fall in love with it. There was a lot to do for a ship this size, a lot more to learn, and he started to reach levels of responsibility and authority that came not just from time served, but for his dedication too. While Kori might have volunteered during a time of war he’d built a life of service and healing damage he could.

USS Mercury
Chief Engineering Officer

After fifteen years in Starfleet, nineteen if one counts the Academy, Kori put forward a request to his superiors to take the next step. He had the experience, knew Starfleet systems like the back of his hand, proven himself on scientific and humanitarian missions alike, and could run a team of engineers like a well-aligned dilithium matrix could control the matter-antimatter his application went on. Chief Engineer, and not just of any ship in the fleet. Kori wanted the big one, the vast Galaxy Class itself.