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Spacious Anomaly

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 5:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Ty'licia zh'Kirisor

Mission: Shadows of Weimar
Location: USS Mercury, Various
Timeline: Mission Day -2

Standing up and stretching, Ty'licia put a hand on the shoulder of her pilot, "Nice landing Darian," she said genuinely.

"Thank you ma'am, glad you enjoyed flying with Seine-air," the young Lieutenant JG replied with a laugh. Spending 3 days on a cramped runabout travelling at a low warp, the two officers had bonded, even given the gap in rank. Both having a keen interest in Piloting, the two had plenty to discuss, even having a debate on certain tactics and what if scenarios. Ty'licia had come to respect LTJG Darian Quasjir in their short time together.

The Danube runabout had made it's way halfway across Federation territory to rejoin with the Mercury, dropping off it's important cargo, the ship's new Executive officer. Stepping down on to the deck, she marveled at the Galaxy class' main shuttlebay, an expanse filled with all manner of craft of all types and sizes, she missed being in the middle of it all. The hustle and bustle of a hangar deck undergoing operations felt like home to her.

"Well ma'am it's been a pleasure, I am going to retire to my quarters and have a shower," Darian said, rubbing his neck. Even though they were in one of the more comfortable runabouts, it was the psychology of being in confined spaces that made people tense or cramp up.

"Oh no you aren't Mister," Ty'licia said, one hand on her hip, "You had a rather long shower on the runabout, and I don't know one end of this ship from the other," she stated, a little white lie. She wasn't quite ready to face a ship of over 1,000 personnel without someone that she knew beside her, at least for a short while.

"Sure thing Ma'am, where would you like to go?" Darian replied, smirking, "I do have a duty shift in 2 hours, I wouldn't want to be late, the new XO is arriving today."

"I'm pretty sure she would look more kindly on you helping a fellow officer to her quarters," Ty'licia quipped, raising an eyebrow. She then gestured to the nearest corridor access door.

"You sure you don't know where you are going?" He said, before walking beside her.

"Such insubordination, you'll never make Chief Flight control officer with this attitude of yours," She said cheerfully.

---XO's Quarters---

"Here we are Ma'am, Executive officer's quarters," Darian said, "That will be one strip of Latinum please."

"Just one strip hmm," Ty'licia brushed past him to enter the cabin, "Wow, look at this room, this is bigger than the Captain's quarters on the Stalwart."

"And it's all yours," Darian said, standing at the doorway, "Will that be all ma'am?"

"You are certainly eager to be rid of me," Ty'licia said, "Understood, to your duties then Mister, I better see you on the bridge."

"Yes Commander, oh and welcome to the Mercury," Darian said, nodding with a smile and turning to leave, the door closing behind him.

Ty'licia frowned slightly, "He didn't get his strip," She said, before undoing her uniform shirt.

Looking around the room she marvelled once again at it's size, massive sloping windows, plush furniture and fittings adorned the interior. Opening up her bags she started taking out her uniforms, flight suits and personal effects, setting them in the wardrobe and on her desk. Everything was so new and fresh, not a scratch on the desk nor sign that anyone had been there before her.

Being the Executive officer onboard a Galaxy class starship was not something she could have ever predicted she would wind up being, especially one that was literally brand new. As a young Lieutenant Commander, she was also quite low ranked to be in the position, which could cause issues. But who knew, new ship, junior staff. They could grow and learn together. She had yet to review the entire ship's manifest but had gone through some of the key personnel.

"Computer, set environmental systems to be 5 degree's cooler than standard and decrease brightness by 15%. Replicate Raktajino, and play personal musical selection, playlist 2," She said to the computer, continuing to undress. Some soft Nordic folk music started to play, something about the traditional drums beating always stirred something primal inside, even given she was not from Earth where the songs originated.

"Oh also submit request for a Usiartho plant seedling from the replimat, and Excelsior class display model with markings for USS Hastings, 50cm in length, I will pick them up later," She was wasting no time in making the Mercury feel like home. Having the model sit proudly on display gave her reason to stay humble, knowing where one came from was important, as well as remembering those left behind.

The computer chirped, "Working. Clarifying, Usiartho plant of Andorian origin, medium size bonsai type plant. Thrives in cooler temperatures and lower lighting conditions," it asked.

"Affirmative, submit please," She said activating the sonic shower. Her expansive bathroom seemed like some hotels she stayed at on Risa, palatial by comparison to the drab interior of a Sabre Class vessel. Starfleet design guidelines were exacting when it came to sonic showers, but there was something more satisfying about having all the time you needed to relax, as opposed to being on a cramped runabout. Having to be conscious of other people in a confined space was also not a concern here as she grabbed her Raktajino from the replicator without bothering for a towel.

---Main Bridge, 2 Hours Later---

Substantially refreshed and in a fresh Command division uniform, Ty'licia strolled onto the bridge and stood near the door of the turbolift. Watching and taking in the sight of the Galaxy class bridge. People seemed to be busy doing their tasks, taking panels off walls to check circuitry and calibrating terminals. No one was really at 'the conn' as it where, as the ship was in a stand down nature. She strolled slowly down the sloped walkway and stood next to the chairs at the center of the bridge, she would find plenty of time to seat herself down in one of those, but for now, she smirked.

Turning toward the port side of the bridge she found a door marked 'Captain's Ready Room,' sure enough she had her own office to work in, but she was exploring.

"Uh excuse me, that's the Captain's ready room," A technician commented, seeing Ty'licia's intent.

"Oh I know, but he isn't here yet is he?" she said, stepping through the door as it opened to allow her entry.

"Hey!" the Technician said, following her in.

Ty'licia had her hands innocently behind her back as she wandered around the room, "What I'm not allowed to explore?" She said, turning to meet the technician as he entered the room. Now face on her rank was clearly visible on her right chest. The technician's eyes widened and he straightened his posture.

"I'm sorry Ma'am. I didn't see your rank before," He apologised, tugging at part of his uniform that was slightly ill fitting, "These new uniforms."

"Relax Chief... " She said, with a pause, before taking a seat in the chair behind the desk.

"Bishop, Ma'am, Chief Petty Officer Bishop," he said, still standing at semi attention.

"Come have a look at this spectacular view," she stared out the small thin window, seeing the deck of the ship fall off with the slope of the hull, almost like a horizon on a very small planet.

"This is a nice office," She stated, looking around, there were a couple of containers near the door, "Pity about the decor," she said joking about the unfinished nature of the room.

She stood, straightened her uniform by giving it a quick tug downwards, taking a step toward Bishop, "Well Chief, where does the new XO need to go to check in?"


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